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D is for Doors

D Letter

How many doorways have you been through in your lifetime?

Which doors have you closed behind you?


Which doors do you wish were open to you now?


Do you sleep with your bedroom door open or closed?

Do you lock your door when you’re riding in the car?

Do you knock on your neighbor’s door or walk right in?


Do you have a key to anyone’s door?

Does your door have a peephole? Do you use it?

Does your screen door need replacing?

Do you have French doors?


Do you have a Dutch door?

Do you have a doggie door?

Do you knock on the door or ring the doorbell?


Have you ever encountered a door too heavy to open?

Have you ever thought someone was hiding behind your door?

Have you ever had a door slammed in your face?


Who would you like to see when you open your door today?


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Comments on: "D is for Doors" (48)

  1. Ace post! The doors are the biggest bone of contention in my house. Hubby likes the doors closed and I need a more open plan arrangement. I need all the inside doors open because I have to see whats on the other side or I get a bit freaked out. Hubby just thinks I’m a bit mad! Luckily I can use the cat as an excuse to keep them open – he needs to be able to get from room to room 😉

  2. I have an issue with doors where the lock is on the far left. Nothing political I assure you. It’s just that I’m left-handed and sometimes there is no room for the rest of my body to go as I unlock the door and scrape my knuckles 🙂

    • And, bingo, my front door lock is on the far left! Now I’m going to have to watch, as a right hander, what do I do with locks on the right. Or the left for that matter. Which hand do I put the key in? Does it change depending on where the lock is? You have me totally confused. Where’s my key?

    • I know that feeling – my front door lock is on the right and I’m right-handed. I am always scraping my knuckles. It is most annoying!

      • That is so odd. I never noticed a problem, and I bet now that you and Lynne mentioned it, I’m going to notice it right away!

  3. Great post. I haven’t even finished my first cup of coffee and already my head is answering all the questions. These would also make great prompts for any type of story telling. Pinning it.

    • Thank you!! I don’t know what pinning is, but I know lots of people do it so it must be a good (and painless) thing. I planned to save this one and do a future post answering my own questions 🙂

      • Pinterest is a site with boards you setup to save things that are important to you. I have a lot of boards and a lot of pins from “I’m writing a book” to “Yummy, food”. I refer to it often because I save posts like yours for future reference. I also quilt so I have a board for that too.

      • I see. I guess I do my “pinning” in multiple notebooks, but will have to explore that if I can pin other blogger’s posts for future reference. Right now I just scribble a reminder to find it later! So much to learn and so many choices. Thanks for explaining why you use it.

  4. A door slammed in my face? Yep, once, and it has stayed with me. And I can assure you I did not deserve it. 🙂

    • I wondered when I wrote that one if it would strike a chord, and of course it would be unpleasant. Best though, that you KNOW you did not deserve it. Good for having that kind of strength to protect yourself.

  5. Closet doors must be closed while I’m sleeping but the bedroom door must be open. It all goes back to the mean gorilla who lived in my closet and the alligators that swam around my bed when I was a tiny little girl.

    • Oh, I’m sorry for your fears. I do not remember having any fears about bedroom or closet, but I did share a room with my sister, so maybe that made a difference. (although sometimes she was a monster to me!)

  6. Ironically I was thinking of this subject for my Disney theme. In ‘Frozen,’ one of the concepts was ‘Love is an open door’ in fact it is the title of a song!

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you! We just watched Frozen (my first; granddaughter’s 5th time) last weekend. I loved it – the plot was very uplifting and charming, and the songs quite engaging. I appreciate your visits and encouragement.

  7. I love doors! Before my wife and I built our house we drove all over our area and bought old doors from salvaged homes. Many of the doors we found and eventually built into our home were a hundred years old or more and bare the marks of all the previous lives that turned their handles. They have kick marks from years of boots opening and closing them. One of them has the mark a baseball left on the door and the corresponding missing window pane; I’ve always wondered who it was that got in trouble for that one. We are now leaving our own marks on the doors. When my daughter was two she left ice cream finger prints on one of them and I clear coated the spot so they would never be cleaned away. Doors are both metaphorically and literally the beginnings and endings of so many things.

    Thanks for reminding me!

    • Hey – thanks for such a robust addition to my door post. I, too, loved acquiring vintage pieces for my home. Never a door, but other objects that have moved with me through the years. What a great idea to be preserving your own family’s lore on your doors. I love you last sentence about doors. Well said, and (hint hint) certainly deserving of a post or two on your own blog. Would love to see photos of some of those doors 🙂

  8. Well, this sure gives me a wealth of things to think about!
    Yes, I lock my car doors, a fact my family remarks upon all the time. I have this fear that some bum will open my car door and jump inside while I’m stopped at a traffic light …
    In fact, I lock all my doors all the time! Which shows a lot about my personality. Interesting.

    I like your pretty door pictures. 🙂

    • Thanks Kirsten. I lock my car door, too, automatically right after I fasten my seat belt. Safety first isn’t about fear; it’s about common sense and taking care of yourself!

      Unfortunately, I bet most of us lock our doors all the time. Even though we live have always lived in safe neighborhoods, “the times” have changed drastically for our kid years when the screen door slamming in and out without restriction is no longer adviseable. Even in our “safe” neighborhoods, temporarily open garage doors result in quick thefts; and in one earlier neighborhood we had a drugged out crazy knock and try our doorknob, which completely scared me.

  9. Great questions! I lock my car doors when I drive because (and Kirsten may be interested to know this) there HAVE been news stories in Malaysia about criminals opening the car door and jumping into the passenger seat when the car was stopped at a traffic light. They try to hijack the car or rob the driver. In my house, I lock my bedroom door when I sleep, even though I’m the only one at home. I don’t quite know why. Maybe it’s just habit from all those years that I lived with housemates!

    • I said the same thing to Kirsten. In fact a couple nights ago, a guy carjacked a women’s car here in Denver. It can happen anywhere anytime.

      That is the most interesting comment so far about locking your bedroom door when you’re the only one home. I’d be afraid I couldn’t get it open if I needed to get out in a hurry!

  10. I always sleep with my bedroom door closed. Came from working nights! And now I sleep on the couch in the living room. All the house is open. This is a good thought provoking post!

    Paula at /Smidgen,Snippets,&Bits

    • Thank you, Paula for visiting. I appreciate your comment, and already decided I’ll do a post in May answering my own door questions 🙂

  11. I love doors and you have some great images. Now what is a Dutch door?

    • Thank you! A dutch door is the one that is cut in half horizontally. Typically you’ll see the bottom half closed, and top half will be open or closed. I don’t know why they originated, but my daughter-in-law had one made for my grandson’s bedroom door. He was scared to have the door closed, so the compromise was half a door closed. It actually works very well.

  12. Wow so many questions LOL…I always lock my doors when in the car as I live in a big City however a fairly residential lovely area. I would never just walk in to smoeones house even if i had the key to their house. I hate people slamming doors it really gets to me. I am paranoid about people losing fingernails when getting fingers slammed in doors, my eldest son had this happen a few times, urgh horrible. Great post x

    • I didn’t think about people who have a habit of slamming doors. That would be annoying. I was thinking more of the awful time someone shut me out or denied me entrance – metaphorically speaking. You gave me a whole new way to look at my own question! Poor baby – your eldest with owie fingers – is there any kid who hasn’t done that? It hurts!

  13. Whoa! So many awesome thoughts, ideas and symbols just from doors! LOVE this post!!

  14. First, YOU have to answer your own questions!
    Countless doors, and sometimes they led to an overhaul in my life, which led to doors closing behind me. The only door we need open to us is a bit more time to finish our book; which means this dang recession has to end so that we can raise our rates. Have not done this for 7 years. It’s time.
    Open bedroom door. Yes. Knock. Not right now, but lots o four friends don’t have locks on their doors.
    No peephole, screen, french, dutch, doggie door. Bell. YES, big warehouse doors. No person, just cats. Unfortunately, yes. My brother Patrick, dead two years.

    • Katie!! I can’t believe you answered my questions! Bless you. I have answered them in my head; didn’t occur to me to post MY answers! Will after A to Z is over.

      I agree – time for recession to go & your rates to rise! So sorry about losing your brother, Patrick. Being at the age where we are losing friends and family doesn’t make it any easier when we love them and miss having them in our lives. Take care.

  15. I never thought a Door can reuslt in so many thoughts. I love huge doors, specially the glass doors of my balcony. As to answer you question, I want to see table set with delicious homemade food … which doesn’t happen usually 😀

  16. Wow, great subject, my mind is running amuk!
    No closed bedroom door when sleeping. One night many years ago with a house full of holiday visitors sleeping over I closed the bedroom door. I had to get up in the middle of the night, too much coffee, opened the door, looked down the long hall into the kitchen and saw flames on the counter licking the cabinet in full force. I no longer Ever leave my toaster plugged in. Evidently they can short out and catch on fire. When not using one, most people shove it back on the counter, as I did, under the upper cabinets which are low enough that it doesn’t take long for those flames to reach and then all hell breaks loose. In the meantime, since this is all going on under the cabinets, the smoke doesn’t reach the smoke alarms right away. Could have been awful. I now unplug toaster and leave door open.
    On the brighter side, we have old double metal front doors on the house. I love stained glass, but any glass on the front door here is just asking for trouble in one way or another, so I am contemplating a way to paint them to look like stained glass. I have lots of ideas but haven’t decided on final plan yet. Yet another summer project.
    I love all your door questions. Can we do a hop or prompt or something with these questions? I don’t think it is an “open and shut” case.

  17. You’d think I would have a doggie door, but I don’t, nor a Dutch door. LOL Those are some nice looking doors, Sammy. Our doors are utilitarian, rather than fancy. Best way with dogs in the house. 🙂

  18. Great post and love the pictures. Doors are so functional I forget how enshrined they are with our behaviours. As many doors as open as possible all of the time. I can’t open the front door if the back door is open because all the ones (two) in between will slam with the wind..

    • I agree, Lynne. Comments were interesting window (door?) on different preferences and habits. I love having doors & windows open in summer. Know what you mean about winds and doors!

  19. I’m trying to play catch-up with certain blog posts that are really awesome!
    Love your literal and figurative thoughts on doors… really good writing prompts…

    • Thanks, Michelle. I appreciate your visit and comments on my posts. I hope you are enjoying the A to Z hopping. It has been a lot of fun for me.

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