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Friday night, I was reading Notions In Motion’s post when “tag, you’re it” was what I heard as I read that she had tagged my blog for a Blog Hop, Blog Tour. I thank Notions in Motion for slapping me on the shoulder, and I am in hot pursuit of my victims fellow bloggers to pay the tags forward.

First, I need to answer a few questions that my preceding tagged bloggers answered:

What am I working on?
More musings: lessons learned from A to Z; selecting a new blog theme and transitioning existing posts; writing a copyright notice for my blog; reading my new book – Drawing From the Right Side of the Brain ; learning how to Zentangle.

How does my work differ from others of its genre? I’m a Boomer writing my musings and experiences. My work differs from that of other Boomers solely because each individual thinks and expresses uniquely. I might have a greater tendency to follow younger bloggers, and I might lurch to the Silly Side of my personality.

Why do I write what I do? I feel happy and alive.

How does my writing process work? I constantly have multiple conversations and thoughts in my head. Sometimes I scribble madly; sometimes I outline; sometimes I jot notes and notes and notes; sometimes I stew at finding the key to a firmly locked idea.

And now, without further ado, TAG, YOU’RE IT !!

Lynne, I’m tagging you because you are such a talented illustrator. You were brave enough to venture into a new type of illustration – caricatures – and trusting enough to share your first caricature with us. I want my readers to enjoy it, too.

Maggie, I’m tagging you because I couldn’t resist clicking on a blog named The Zombie Ate My Brains and discovered I enjoy your posts as much as your name.

Go forth and tag on, my friends!

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  1. Very honoured to be tagged. And scared! Second time since I’ve been blogging something like this has happened and I’ve still not accepted the first.. Better get some guts out and do something about them both. How can this be happening while we’re trying to get our AtoZ’s out? Good extra promotion of the AtoZ’s though. Glad we *met*. Huge thanks for the tag, I think!

    • No worries, Lynne. None of the awards or taggings should stress you out!! If you want to participate, you can do it at your own pace or not at all. (I have a couple nominations from March that I’ve committed to accepting in May) I felt quite stressed with my first until I realized I control whether and when I do anything about them.

      It’s a way to find out more about those we follow and to – as you said – widen our circle of blogging friends.

  2. Hehe great post and I’ve not heard of this blog hopping sounds great fun. Oh my your mind sounds like mine full of multiple thoughts etc I never get quiet time. Now I picked up on a couple of things: what is a boomer? What is zentagging? X

    • Hi Justine – I must have had tagging on the brain when I wrote this because I completely mispelled the word of what I am learning! Yikes!!

      it is supposed to be Zentangling I am learning, not zentagging. Maybe I invented a new word – zentagging could be playing tag only with very mellow people 🙂

      Anyway, Zentangle is an art form that I describe as patterned doodling or drawing/creating structured patterns. It is supposed to be a very “zen” type of art practice. I’ve just started, and as with all new endeavors, I find it addictive!! If you go to or google the word, you will see lots of patterns,instructions and very creative names for each pattern. What I like is knowing I can create my own patterns and name them. Now I will never get to bed at night!

      Boomers are Baby Boomers – a US term for anyone born between 1946 and 1964, during which we experienced a huge population increase as men came home from WWII, the economy took off and obviously there was a whole lot of hanky-panky in the bedrooms because the population “boomed”. There are conflicting opinions about whether Boomers can be neatly stereotyped by political or social descriptions, but that is the generation who grew up during a time of many changes in societal norms.

      • Haha you made me giggle re zentagging I did look it up! Oh and now I know what you mean my eldest son had to do a piece on this for school called tangle patterns I love it I used to do something similar when I was a kid! What medium do you use for it? Re boomers I heard the expression and vague idea of reason but as with everything thought there might be more than one explanation for the word and I might yet again be missing something exciting Lolol glad you gave me though a very concise explanation. I’m on hols so typing from my phone hence not as long as I would like in my response x

    • Right now for the zentangling I’m just using my ordinary pen and pencil – not trying any shading or anything. Just trying to read a couple of books and try out a few patterns. I think the phrase “tangle patterns” has such an inviting ring to it. It reminds me of children’s hair messed up in the morning. I like knowing your son did a project for school.

      Don’t worry about responding while on hols – just enjoy your time away!!! I will be gone for a few days at the end of this week, so there will be some silence from me then (you’re probably happy I’ll stop yakking at you for awhile!!)

      • lol I love your yakking haha and you know sometimes just drawing without ‘too’ much reading and rules is the best way as it’s your way 🙂

      • Ps have a few good days away wherever your going x

      • Haha you should read Lainey’s post about lingograohy I can’t spell it another one to try hehe

      • Yes, one of the zentangling books seems quite rigid in its “how to’s” so I cast it aside. I DID read Lainey’s. Honestly you two are like sparkles in my day; I get such a kick out of seeing what you’re up to. We are going to see Hub’s mother who lives in a nursing home in Texas. Long drive, and she won’t recognize us, but we still need to see her once a year!

  3. Thank-you! I truly appreciate the mention. I haven’t hopped before, I think I’ll try this on for size.

    • Mags – (your new nickname; rhymes with tags) – I don’t consider this one a true blog hop, because there were no links back to previous bloggers (which I think is the whole gist of hopping!!). But I had time to write the post, and wanted to give a shout-out to you and Lynne.

      • That suits me just fine, actually. Finals this week, don’t you know. What also suits me just fine is “Mags.” I like it when people call me by that nickname!

  4. The hop sounds fun, but I can’t imagine getting through another hop besides A to Z. good thing you could do it on Sunday. 🙂
    I’m a boomer, too, and proud of it.

    • No kidding – I wouldn’t have even done it, except I had time and wanted to give shout outs to Maggie and Lynne. I don’t do any of the award or daily prompt or hop stuff unless it’s not going to stress me out. Who needs that ?!?

      It is interesting for me to see how I’ve changed as a boomer through the years – I don’t have regrets about my own younger choices, but I know there are some I would make very different choices on as the “today me”.

      The only thing I resent, as a boomer, is when the media or different generations cast aspersions on us as being wealthy, indolent and self-indulgent. Neither I nor anyone I know fit any of those descriptions. As college students and young adults, we worked our butts off because there were no handouts coming from Mom and Dad. We continued to work our butts off throughout our careers and never bought what we couldn’t pay for. OK, that’s my defensive rant for the day. Boomer Love !!!

  5. Love it 🙂 I’m sure you’re [victims] tagged bloggers will enjoy this! I’ll be checking them out anyways!

  6. Wahoo!! I tagged NotionsInMotion last week and am so thrilled to see other bloggers participating!! 🙂

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