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U is for Useless


U Letter


You don’t have this object?

Useless stuff?

Never bought anything on a whim? Because it was on sale? Because you’re positive you’ll fit into it next year?

On Sale: Size 6; I wear Size 12

On Sale: Size 6; I wear Size 12


Never succumbed to your friend’s, “You gotta get one of these!” and then wondered, “What was I thinking?”

A mandolin? I don't even cook!

A mandolin? I don’t even cook!


Never been so immersed in a cultural celebration or a foreign land that you bought “the outfit”? Wrestled to fit it in your suitcase? Then hung it in the back of your closet, never to see the light of day?

A purple kimono? In Colorado?

A purple kimono? In Colorado?


Never dreamed up a project and bought the goods, only to be distracted by another project before you even get started?

2010 Ooooh let's learn Mah-Jongg

2010 Ooooh let’s learn Mah-Jongg

2014 - unopened 2010 ambition!

2014 – Unopened 2010 ambition!


Never scooped up the lotions and sample packets because “they’re free” or “I paid for it; might as well take it” and then they clutter up your drawers – unused – for years?

Blistex? Burns my lips. Shampoo for swimmers? I don't go in the pool.

Blistex? Burns my lips. Shampoo for swimmers? I don’t go in the pool.




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Comments on: "U is for Useless" (53)

  1. Omg you made me laugh I’ve done all of that and will prob continue to do do because I think it shows passion and enthusiasm because we get carried away lol! Yeh expensive though. I played ma Jong as a kid it’s great you should def try to learn xx

  2. Yep, I’ll put my hand up and say I think I’ve done all of those. The other good one is where it was on special and there was a crowd and well it was the last one.

  3. I recently found two unopened sets of full sized sheets in my linen closet. We don’t have any full sized beds in our house.

  4. For sure! And much as I hate clutter, I keep this stuff around because, you never know, right? Thank you for giving me a word for this stuff. 🙂 It might be just the push I need to get rid of it!
    Although that purple kimono sure is pretty! 😉

    • We even keep the useless stuff through moves as I recently learned helping family move all their useless crap to a different house, cuz “they might need it someday”.

      The kimono is beautiful. It’s just … to wear where? I finally decided this is my choice – either wear it while writing (the eccentric scribbler) or give it away. I’m giving myself a month to decide.

  5. I can say I’ve NEVER EVER bought anything useless. Kitchen drawers are outfitted with cooking utensils and what-nots…things I use every single day. Closet is sparsely filled with only one or two wearable items I rotate for wear on odd/even days…and a Sunday dress. Of course worn only on Sunday. Gave away my car so stacks of bald tires and left-over oil recycled months ago…and no longer sitting on the front porch. I could go on but my perfectly-perfect life would be the envy of too many and would be cause for resentment throughout…especially from those who don’t have a replica of the London Bridge spanning their back gardens like I do…

  6. Had a clever response until I read jotsfromasmallapt. Can’t top that but at least I was never gullible enough to buy the London Bridge. It’s nice to start the day out with a laugh and I don’t buy useless stuff any more. Not that I don’t want to, it’s just not in the budget anymore.

    • Darn! That’s why I don’t read other responses before posting my own! Yes, no London Bridge or land in Florida in my useless purchases 🙂

  7. Oh SammyD, we are twins separated at birth, as I think I’ve said before. I’m especially a sucker with the “it’s free!” and with thrift shop clothes (Oh, it’s a dollar!) then I try them on and realize the fit isn’t right…and then I don’t put it in the give-away pile (I always have one going – the problem is it needs to contain 1/2 my stuff.) Oh the old make-up I have…yegads I don’t want to look under the bathroom sink…but maybe if I did I could fit the new samples that were free with my last Sephora order…sigh.
    Oh I wish I had more time in April so I wouldn’t have missed so many of your posts, but we’re almost to the end and then you won’t be able to get rid of me. And thanks for sending your friend! That was really sweet and much appreciated!
    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014

    • Oh Lordy – my closets, cupboards, bookshelves, basement cry out for cleanup. And we successfully downsized 4 years ago. WTF happened??? It MUST be Hub because it can’t be MOI acquiring all that Useless Stuff 🙂 I’m glad you had time to stop by for this one. I just love laughing 🙂

      And now a new Goodwill opened just a mile away; I don’t dare go look through the clothes and jewelry!

  8. Oh ! Yes !
    Never say never!
    So now time to dust ourselves off, and move on.
    (Throw the un-necessities away!)

    • :-). I got so jazzed by the comments and my own “never” that I put on my purple camisole and that Useless purple kimono and wrote 3 future posts this am. HA

      But I will NEver use that mandolin. Going to the thrift store.

      • HAHAHA! I know what you mean!

        Once I bought a violin. I couldn’t play the violin and I can’t now. Never have. Thought I could learn. Luckily it wasn’t expensive.

  9. Yes I bought pajamas while visiting Singapore. I don’t know what I was thinking. I am huge compared to those little women who live in Singapore. I always thought, “I’ll just exercise until I fit them” yeah, right. Fortunately my granddaughter would wear them in her pre-teen years and she loved them…..

    • At least you found a good use for them. That’s the one I hate the most. Buying clothes then realizing they don’t fit or aren’t comfortable!

  10. I have done all those things and more. But…. I could never categorize them as Useless. I know they can be reused somehow, someway, in some project, someday. they will be utterly useful and undeniably perfect.

  11. Yup
    Yup.. Wait.. What? You have Mah Jongg and haven’t opened it? I’ve always wanted my own set, not played it for years but used to and loved it. It’s chess I want to learn next.
    That’s why I’m bursting out of this house and have no space for anyone in my life..
    I’d add the books I keep buying because they’re such a bargain not realising I’ve already bought them last time I was food shopping, like last week usually.. The book pile once had three copies of the same book to read in it.. That’s why I have no money for holidays and travel..

    • Can I trade you some after-swim shampoo for a couple of books? Preferably one copy per selection?

      I’ve got mahjongg and Chess boards, and know not one iota about either. C’mon by; we’ll thoroughly confuse ourselves… together…….

  12. Hahaha! Hilarious! This is sooo me, especially the buying of cooking gadgets when I don’t even cook, unfulfilled ambitions that I was once so very passionate about pursuing (while collecting all the supplies and never opening or using them), and the hoarding of free samples that sit in my drawers. Great post!

    • See? We are one in the universe 🙂 I have to stay away from kitchen stores and keep my hands in my pockets when walking by the free samples.

  13. That’s funny. I have spread out on my bed right now a bunch of stuff that I have never worn, I was going to do this of that to it and haven’t yet. I as myself “what was I thinking”. I chuckled when I saw the kimono. I bought a couple of these myself in my travels..but those I wore around the house so I don’t feel so bad.

    • I had a couple black kimonos I used to wear to work (was fortunate I could wear eclectic clothing) , but this one is just so unusually colored I feel self-conscious. Yesterday after hearing from such great blogging friends I put on a purple camisole and the kimono and wrote a couple posts and did a zentangle. I felt great! So it went from back of closet to being something I’ll wear when being creative! But I am definitely not taking up cooking just to use the mandolin!!

  14. OMG, I giggled and snickered and smirked all the way through this, going “yep, yep, yep” and sounding like the seagulls in Finding Nemo going “Mine, mine, mine.” The worst of these was when I took a stained glass class a couple of years ago, loved what I produced, and decided it was going to become a permanent hobby. For Christmas that year, my husband dutifully got me everything on my list–and it’s all still sitting in the boxes it came in. Hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. But you know, one day I might still get to it. Well, I might.

    Loved this post!

  15. Goodness! I can soooo relate too this post. I’ve done exactly the same thing. Luckily I’ve learned to rein myself in a bit and do some de-cluttering….but I have to say I need that Mah Jong set!!! 🙂

  16. Omigoddess, YES, and in fact this would make a great party thang around xmas — trading the useless objects!

  17. Hahaha! I can relate! 🙂 My weakness is fitness gadgets, (think “Thighmaster, etc.), clothes that will fit if I lose just 10 pounds and kitchen gadgets – yes a mandolin and others. LOL Love the purple kimono and why NOT in Colorado? 😉

  18. Hahaha so funny Sammy! I am having a good chuckle going through some of your posts, and the wonderful comments, but I really must get off to bed now! I’m not a hoarder as such, though I do have a penchant for books, but my OH has all sorts of stuff that he won’t let me throw away or take to a charity shop, even stuff I KNOW he hasn’t used in the 10 years we have been together like the numerous bags he gets at every conference he attends – I mean does one person actually NEED 10 rucksacks?

    • 🙂 i once “accidentally” tossed an armful of shirts I knew Hub would never wear (and no sentimental value). I’ve even bribed him, ” if you throw two of those, I’ll buy you a new …” to get rid of some of his junk! It’s become a joke between us.

      Thanks for reading, Jude. It means a lot to me.

  19. Yep, Been there, done that! Took a Hawaiian Hula class last year, bought the fabric, made the skirt, wore it twice, quit the class….(well, to be fair, the class closed down because attendance was dwindling…) I could go on and on about several pieces of cookware I’ve not even used once…This A-Z certainly has been a fun trip! Gail

    • Oh Gail, we are accumulating some really interesting things for our online swap meet! That is so funny! Our little hula honey!

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