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We unexpectedly lost a member of our blogging community over the weekend. Tina Downey, who blogged at Life is Good, died Saturday evening in Longmont, Colorado. Tina was a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend whose life ended far too soon.

I met Tina in February shortly after I heard about the April A-to-Z Challenge. I was a new blogger, was intrigued by the Challenge, and was scrolling through the list of those organizing the Challenge, and came upon the blogname: Life Is Good.

What’s not to like about a blog with that name? It was “a sign”. Hub and I drink from Life Is Good mugs, and wear Life Is Good hats, and I wear Life is Good knee sox all winter long.

Somewhat timidly, since I had barely ventured into the blogworld, I left Tina a comment on her “About” page. The next thing I knew, I had a four-paragraph response from Tina exuding personality, enthusiasm, humor and encouragement – “join the Challenge!”, she said. “You won’t be sorry, and I will help you every step of the way.”

And she did. Not only was she a consistent commenter, but she and I exchanged numerous emails throughout the Challenge – all while Tina was tirelessly carrying out her duties as one of the Challenge captains and making sure her team of minions was fulfilling their tasks.

Tina wrote lovingly about her Swedish family, culture and traditions during the Challenge, and her regular blog was a meld of memories, family tales, opinions and humor. Tina was a strong presence in the blogworld; she wrote boldly, had a large following, and made newcomers feel like longtime members of “the club”.

Maggie, another of my favorite bloggers, wrote recently about Connectors. Tina was the quintessential Connector. I don’t think I would have joined the A to Z Challenge if Tina hadn’t welcomed me as she did. Which means I wouldn’t have met most of you. That is one small example of the many ways Tina touched YOUR lives, even though you might not know her or have followed her blog. I blog, in part, because Tina made me feel like I belonged.

I am so saddened at Tina’s death, and for the loss her family now has to live with. I am glad her suffering is over, but she was taken far too soon, and that is difficult to understand. My prayers go out to all who knew and loved Tina, and I will keep her with me always in my writing.

Even if you didn’t know Tina, please visit Life is Good and leave a comment for her family. Our blogging community has lost a valuable and cherished friend.



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  1. Lovely words Sammy for such devastating news. We truly have no idea how many lives we touch, xx

  2. How very sad! You honored her with your wonderful words!

  3. Made me sad when I heard the news.

  4. Sammy, she was that cheerleader/ buddy/ sister to all of us. Thank you for such beautiful words– it makes me glad that so many people will remember her. Like i said in my other post:

    “I mean, they say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.”

    I don’t want Tina’s name to be said the last time any time soon.

    • Damyanti, I rage that Tina fought her illness but that evil, sepsis, took her from us. That is beyond comprehension.

      I am glad Tina’s last post was a joyful one about her sister climbing Long’s Peak – a significant accomplishment and one that clearly made Tina smile. She expressed fear in her posts during her illness that we would “leave” while she was hospitalized, and move on to other bloggers. But I hope that in her soul she knew we will keep her with us forever – she truly left a lasting impact on many of us.

      Bless you, and my prayers of comfort for you and all Tina’s friends.

  5. A lovely tribute. It is surprising how much we can become involved in the lives of our blogging friends even though we never meet them. Take care Sammy.

  6. How sad. I really don’t know what to say!

  7. Very sad, I am sorry I never knew her.

  8. Oh, how very sad. It’s amazing how much impact people we’ve never formally met can have on our lives. Sounds like she reached out to many. My thoughts are with her family.

  9. I still cannot believe it … I heard earlier today from Damyanti. We all feel the loss .. words fail me.

  10. Beautiful words, Sammy. I was deeply saddened to see the news on Facebook, then her blog. She welcomed me as she did you two challenges ago. Always so personable, so encouraging, an extraordinary friend. I remember thinking she must be so much fun to know in person. We are all here because she befriended us and encouraged us throughout the month-long postings and after. She was very open about her health problems on the blog and emails. While I knew she had serious health issues, her passing hit me hard. May she rest in peace.

    • Silvia, I’m so glad to know that you, too, were blessed to know Tina. One of the things I admired most -for all her bluster – was she was SO dependable for her Challenge support, and, no matter how busy she was with “newbies”, she always made me feel like I had her undivided attention.

      Plus she had a WICKED sense of humor – that’s what I’m going to scroll through old emails to savor about Tina.

  11. Oh Sammy, I am so sorry to hear this news. Thanks for letting us know. I regret that I did not have the pleasure of meeting your blogging friend.

  12. I loved her so much and I cannot believe I will never talk to her again. I met her in 2012 during A-Z and I also clicked on her blog b/c of the name of it! She & I became fast friends and I was one of her minions in 2013 and 2014. She was so kind to and supportive of me and we exchanged long emails, very often. You did a beautiful tribute to her. Thank you.

    • JoJo – I do know what a close friendship you had with Tina, and I envied her minions, thinking she would be the type to pretend she was wielding a whip to keep you in shape, all the while feeding you Swedish chocolate.

      My prayers include all of you feeling this loss of a wonderful woman.

  13. So sorry about this. Keeping her family in our thoughts and prayers.

  14. A lovely tribute post, Sammy to one of life’s real nurturers. Tina also took me under her wing for my very first Challenge. She clearly made an impact on the blogging world.

    • Isn’t that amazing? Tina was such an exceptional woman, and I loved her energy, and her willingness to make us all part of “the gang”. I’m so glad you knew her.

  15. Even though I might be considered wordy in day to day writing, when it comes to facing loss, I am often struck mute. So thank you for writing such a wonderful tribute to an amazing person. I agree with everything you’ve written.
    I, too, met Tina this A to Z challenge and was buoyed up through the busy month by her enthusiasm and joy in writing about the life she lived to the fullest. Now every time I load my precious laptop and books into my Life Is Good backpack I will always remember someone who embodied that spirit in her writing and her life.

    • Thank you, dear Kirsten. What you said is perfect and heartwarming. I, too, will always connect my Life Is Good paraphernalia with thoughts of Tina.

  16. What a lovely tribute. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend.

  17. Connectors. What a fabulous term to describe those who weave a tapestry of life and friendship that changes us. I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting or interacting with Tina, but it’s evident through your description that she touched the lives of many. Remembering her with such fondness is a wonderful tribute. So sorry for your loss.

  18. Arlee Bird said:

    Thank you for these lovely words about our mutual dear friend Tina. I’ve been in a bit of a daze since receiving the sad news. Life goes on and life will still be good, but it will be a bit sadder because Tina is not here to prod us along through the rocky parts..

    Tossing It Out

    • Hi Lee – Tina had so many friends and admirers in the blogging community, and I know she was a good friend to you. I have a hard time accepting that her life was cut short, but I intend to return again and again to Life Is Good to read what Tina has left for us.

      Thank you for your kind words.

  19. I’m sorry that I didn’t know Tina, Sammy. She sounds like a lovely lady and I wish that our paths had crossed. I’ll go and pay my respects.
    Yesterday I jumped on here briefly, intending to nominate you in the 5 places, but it seemed inappropriate somehow, so I left quietly. I’m back today with a hug! 🙂

    • Thank you, Jo, for your understanding and your loving hug. I know you have experienced similar losses. It is hard to understand when someone goes so young. There will be a sunflower tribute for Tina on 9/8 and I’m working on a tangle for that day.

      I do appreciate you thinking of me for the 5 places, and will note that for a prompt for a future post. It will be fun to think about where I will choose! Your thoughtfulness about the “wrong time” is especially appreciated.

  20. oh that is so so sad, so sorry to hear this news. You wrote some lovely words, keeping her memory alive, gentle hugs to you x

  21. Sammy, I’m so sorry for the loss of your good friend. This is such a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to her.

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