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This series has been a real eye-opener.

What’s become alarmingly clear to me – should I ever be searching for one of you bosom buddies in person – is the most likely place to find you is in the Men’s Clothing Department buying everything from Levi’s to jockey shorts.


Even Dan could just as easily be selecting Valentine’s Day work boots for his wife as adding to his own closet.

So much for Sammy’s deep dark sartorial secrets.

It certainly makes me hesitant to post my musing on whether anyone REALLY goes to those nudist camps for summer vacation!

Lest you think I’m a complete buzz-kill in black tanks and tan shorts, I’ll leave you with images … of … my … sox.





Can you believe it? The clinically proven explanation for this cluster chaos in my otherwise utilitarian wardrobe?

I retreat to Sox Sanctuary, confidently buying “Size 9-11” when the trauma of facing another claustrophobic dressing room with one pair of pants in each size: 10, 12, 14 and 16 becomes more than I can handle.

The sock department is not without its tiny torture. Sure, I can buy 3-paks and 6-paks, but sox in those paks match only one other sock which means I’m left with strays every time my washing machine eats a sock.

Defiantly, I wear the lonely singles – one on my left foot and one on my right.




Walking down the aisle at Whole Foods wearing the above two sox, I approached an oncoming Whole Foods employee. You know who I’m talking about: the 20-something farm-fresh, freckle-faced vegan who’s never met a calorie she can’t burn.

“I like your sox,” she chirped as we passed.

Holy Tank Top, Sammy! That little whippersnapper likes your sox! I got so giddy I gave myself a Fashionista Fistbump.

I told Maggie we already covered shoes with Dan’s earlier “when I like ’em I buy two pair” comment. However, I’m compelled to point out during this series the only shoes we’ve mentioned are:

  • Birkenstocks
  • Keens
  • Crocs
  • Sauconys
  • Dr. Scholls
  • Work boots
  • Comfy FLAT ankle boots

Need I point out these are the foot fashion equivalent of black tank tops and shorts?

Not a Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin among you? (Kirsten?)

Google Images: Louboutin

Google Images: Louboutin

My 7-year love affair with high heels ended when my burgeoning bunions required surgery – both feet – four surgeries.

Couldn’t former Mayor Bloomburg have widened his Nanny State Health Net to support this sadly neglected women’s rights issue? The right to wear orthopedically correct shoes on the red carpet?

Thus ends my series on Boomer Fashionista Secrets.

That cacophony of applause is suspect ….


Seriously, dear blogging buddies, I’ve reached a few blogging stats milestones this month. The stats we all claim we don’t pay attention to, but check daily as newbies.

The stat that matters to me is YOU.

Thank you, every one of you, for giving me support, encouragement and soft landings while I try unfamiliar writing voices, share personal experiences, and muse on curiosities possibly too mundane to garner an audience.

I never thought of myself as a writer. And I never thought of writers as artists. Now I know we are.

I count my blessings and you are many.

Comments on: "Secrets of a Boomer Fashionista – Finale" (57)

  1. What a marvellous post! I’ve loved this series of posts and I love you and your blog and i count you as one of my blessings. You always make me think and smile – and sometimes spit out my tea from laughing so much. 😉 As for socks, in this house it’s black all the way. Got sick of hubby moaning at me for not pairing his up properly, lol! Although he does have a pair of superman socks – complete with cape! x

  2. Happy colorful feet! Indeed!
    Me? Only black sox to match my black tops….
    And no Blahnik, have never been.
    But high heels I had when younger. Another time! Another life! I even used to have dresses!!!!
    Nice follow your writings! 😀

  3. I’m a fully paid up member of the odd sock brigade as well. I love all your bright pink socks!

    • Odd sock brigade ! Love it 🙂

      Hey, i need your blog address – it disappeared from my Reader. Very frustrating.

      This time I’m keeping a manual list of blogs I follow!!

  4. I ❤ you. Socks and sandals. Not only socks and sandals, but miss-matched socks and sandals!

    If you were to stop by on wash day, you would notice that the socks are the last thing to go up on the clothesline. One long black fringe of socks, all the same. His and hers the only distinction. Boring boring boring.

  5. You had me with Birkenstocks. Although these days I’m a Sketchers devotee.. I’ve just segued from a high profile job requiring high profile shoes, which I can no longer wear, thanks to a host of maladies, into a rubber meets the road job where sensible shoes rule and women remain women without them. What a relief. Little did I know it was all about the shoes all along! I am so delighted with your wiseacre take on the world.

    • Why thank you. I love being in esteemed wiseacre company! I forgot about my Skechers – love ’em – two pair walked me all over Paris. I wore ’em out!

  6. I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that I am practical when it comes to footwear. I won’t cram my foot into something just because it’s cute. My ugly man shoes have served me well.

    Congrats on the blog stats! You have a great site. 🙂

  7. Kudos on the fist-bump-inspiring comment from the child in the aisle and for locating the point along the spectrum where practical common sense meets emerging fashion. I have enjoyed this series (feels a little weird being called out in it, but thank you), it demonstrates confidence and skill to be able to take on these topics so easily. At least you make it look easy. I agree with your closing statements, which is why I would never skip a series like this. Then again, when another female blogger took up the topic of bras today ( I did have to walk softly. Congrats on the milestones and a very nice job on this series (it is over…right? 🙂

    • It is over – thankfully I’m fully equipped for winter outerware!

      I read that bra blog – yikes! Another blogger told me there’s a whole subculture on various social media for – well – just about every boob topic you can imagine. Obviously you are doing just fine discovering sites on your own 🙂 🙂

      Thanks, always, for your kind encouragement. Onward and upward …

  8. Love you and you mismatched socks, Mom.


  9. Oh, Sammy, you have given me many laughs this month! I love this series, though it worries me slightly that we are all turning into one another :-/

    My socks are a little less colourful – blacks and greys usually, though there might be a hint of pink on one or two, but really I am happier in bare feet or the aforementioned Birkenstocks (without socks).

    And Ninna mentioned dresses! Now there’s another subject for you if you decide that this isn’t the finale 😆

    • Thank you, dearest Jude. I was a barefooter until this summer. The aging falling arches finally got to me, but now I’m happy in my burkies.

  10. I beat you to it on this one. I’ve thought of you every day as I dressed for work (that sound a bit lurid), but especially yesterday, as i donned my charcoal pants and black tee with bright orange and purple merrell barefoot sneaker. My shoes used to be 3-4 inch heels and yes I had the expensive ones, but had to turn to my cowgurl boots (silver, bright colors, stitched with ponies, silver starred) when my doctor told me I was killing my back. Now I have bright colored shoes.

    I have tons of crazy socks (my Flintstone socks are wearing out boo-hoo.) I never wear socks with shoes but live in them during the winter when walking around the house.

    This series should get you noticed, and you deserve it. I think you’ve found your voice!

    • I don’t dare ask who you think will be noticing me unless it’s the fashion police 🙂

      Why oh why have I never bought a pair of cowgirl boots when I’ved yearned for them, for years?!?! I’m so envious of you – cowgirl boots AND flintstone sox ( even if they are wearing out).

      Now I think we should have a Halloween blogging soxathon :-). I’m really bad at organizing though so it’ll be you and me exchanging photos.

      Thanks for all your enthusiasm with this series. I do appreciate YOU.

  11. Haha. I love this writing voice. But the again, all your voices are great.
    I have a collection on mismatched socks I hold dear, by the way. Walmart offers them on sale once in a while and to my husband’s horror I buy them in large numbers (since I always seem to lose socks, for some reason). They are actually perfectly matched, according to Walmart, except different colors. Need some variety in life, what the heck. And those shoes, no way I’d be able to walk in those, but they sure are beautiful.

    • 🙂 thank you, Silvia.

      Aren’t those shoes a delicious green? i’ve seen shoes I couldn’t walk in, but I don’t think I could even stand up in those!

      Mis-matchers are the spice of life!

  12. Come on over to my place. I think your cyber washer sent your lost socks to my place.

  13. … and we have a winner!!! I LOVE funky socks … why wear black, white, or navy when you can wear neon yellow, orange, lime, etc?
    … and yes, I’ve also ‘matched’ different coloured socks on purpose. Why not?

    Long live the “statement” socks 🙂 I don’t have the delicate little feet and ankles to get away with wearing funky socks with stilettos … but I would, if I did 😉

    Bravo – great series!!

    • Yay, we CAN go shopping together!!

      Just now I saw a “feature” headline that said sox snd sandals are the new go-to fall look, and Teva sandals is promoting the look. I’m just SURE they stole the idea from me!!

  14. Sigh. I can’t afford those lovely heels, but a girl can dream … 🙂
    But I saw this today and immediately thought of you!
    I love it!
    (And I own exactly those fuzzy pink polka dot socks. They’re among my favorites when I’m in for the night, writing. 🙂 )
    I’m sad to see the Boomer Fashionista series end–it would make a great monthly feature, don’t you think?

    • I saw that too !!!! I swear Teva was reading my blog and stole my sox/sandal secret!!!

      I love those green shoes (Sex & the City) was a favorite, and still is in re-runs. If I won the lottery, I’d buy those shoes just to put on my dresser top!

      Those fuzzy sox are the best :-). We’re twins.

      A monthly Fashionista Feature? Are you trying to kill me?

  15. Fabulous finale! Loved the whole series. 🙂

  16. Clearly all YOUR readers can relate! It is nice to know that there are so many of us out there; we are ignored by the mass media–but we have YOU, and that’s better.
    We are warm, comfortable, secure boomer fashionistas!

  17. Loved this post thanks Sammy! I love my winter socks and have on the odd occasion worn different coloured ones as its match went to sock heaven.

    • 🙂 Thank you, Susan! Now I wonder why I difn’t start wearing mis-matchers earlier in life!

      Hope you are doing well. Change of seasons there?

  18. It’s all a bit true confessions around here? 🙂 🙂 I still lust after but no longer wear those gorgeous heels. It’s not a good look with crops, is it? I’m more of a flipflops lass. The old toes do get a bit nippy in the Winter though.

  19. I miss my Birkenstocks. When I carried my last baby, my feet grew too. i figured my mother’s feet never shrunk back, so mine wouldn’t either. They did tho — almost three years later! When I began to walk out of my shoes, I thought. “Hey! Great!” until I realized I had donated my favorite pair of shoes that would once again fit me!
    I no longer wear heels. I’ll wear wedges and kitten heels, but I long ago began to love myself too much to endure pain for fashion’s sake. I mean, really, what has fashion ever done for me?
    I love crazy socks, too. It might be genetic, as my mother is the same. You’ll be happy to know that wearing mis-matched socks is trending right now. If I could, I’d show you my daughter, 11, asleep on the couch with one Paris sock and one Hello Kitty sock.

    • Damn! Thise Birkies are expensive, too!!

      I never heard of feet shrinking (you are special in more ways than one!!)

      So glad to know I’m trending with “the youngest runway models” !!

      Thanks for your comments!

  20. Sammy! Your fashionista series is amazing. So good! I wear a lot of black too, and I have quite a collection of funky socks (due mostly to my days playing roller derby, where crazy knee-highs are a must). Bravo, bravo! 😀

  21. I love colorful socks! I used to wear them a lot more often than I do now, which is kind of sad. My daughter wears the bright socks now and doesn’t care if they are matched or not. (Chip off the old block.) 🙂 I just bought her some the other day and now I’m thinking I should have bought myself some, too. Hmmm… I see another trip back to the store in my future…

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