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A Year Later …

Next week is my one-year Blogiversary, and I’m taking my trip down memory lane before writing a one-year reflections post.

Finding multiple connections as I strolled that lane:

  • Some of you/us recently had fun revealing our childhood Man/Mouse/Frog Crushes
  • This weekend is the Super Bowl
  • Last year my Denver Broncos were humiliated in the Super Bowl
  • Last year I wrote two posts about the Super Bowl
  • Neither post was about the game itself
  • One was about my teenage Man Crush
  • Virtually no one read it (the plight of a newbie blogger)

As usual, I interpret it all as a sign that today is a good day to re-post about my teenage heartthrob

And if no one reads this time, well, I’ll take that as a sign 🙂

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  1. I couldn’t comment on the Joe Namath post — comments were off — but I read it. The ending gave me goosebumps. Yay for both you and Joe, but especially for you, Sammy. Wow, you’ve only been blogging for one year? I could’ve sworn you’ve been at this a longer time, your posts are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. You, my dear, are a Blogiversary success. Congrats!!!

  2. I can totally understand your lust for Joe Namath. I mean, really! That smile! That body! And on top of it all, he won… great post! 😉

  3. Happy Blogging Anniversary, Sammy! 😀 Amazing how quickly the time goes by. We first met during the A-Z Challenge, and the new sign-up list is here already. Are you joining in this year? Joe Namath had a beautiful smile and his pantyhose commercial was pretty gutsy! Obviously a man with plenty of self-confidence.

    • Hi Debbie – the panty hose commercial was a ‘low light’ for Joe and me, but not a deal breaker. I still love him 💕 thanks for stopping by. I’m not blogging in A to Z this year, but it was a terrific experience last year!

      • We’ll miss you! You’ve built up a great following in such a short timespan – something to be proud of. Congratulations once again. 🙂

      • Thanks, Debbie. I fully intend to do lots of reading during April – especially to encourage new bloggers like I was last year!

  4. One year already. Congrats! Time flies in the blogosphere. 🙂

  5. You made a collage???? Wow, that was some crush! Happy anniversary, darlin’.

  6. Sammy D. I can see that collage, and the 60s bedroom style. Wow…that was a real crush, and I loved the write-up about it! A year already? Happy Anniversary! and here’s to many more! Best Wishes, Christine

  7. Congrats on the anniversary. And I can totally relate when it comes to “virtually no one” reading posts…I still get a lot of that.

    And no offense to Joe Namath, but I’m more of a Kenny Stabler type…

    • Thanks, Curt 😊 i do read all your posts and enjoy your writing style.

      Blogging is definitely a two-way street. Not necessarily tit-for-tat or mutual follows, but the more reading and thoughtful engaging you do on other blogs, the more satisfactory your relationships will become. At least that’s what I’ve experienced. Lots of great bloggers out there!

      Now I have to google Kenny Stabler because the guy who is coming to mind is Kenny Chesney (sorry)!!

  8. I too had yellow flowered wallpaper, and shared with my younger sister … except our carpet was yellow shag rather than green. To this day, yellow and shag are a no-no in my home.

    That’s where the similarities end. You were way more sophistocated than I was in 1969!! … my collage was more trashy celeb magazine than sporty guy playing a game I couldn’t care less about 🙂

    Having said that, I had a long time crush on Bobby Orr from the Boston Bruins. To this day, whenever I see a Bruins jersey I think of Bobby 🙂

    • Oh yeah, those hockey guys had their own style of hotness! I never have followed pro hockey but Michigan State had a great team and fierce rivalries with other great teams. We spent many a Saturday night at the game and groupy parties afterwards.


      Oh, Right, I’m loyal to Joe. Just got sidetracked by your hockey puck 😊 or tripped over the shag carpet !!

      • LOL!! This is especially funny considering how little I like hockey.

        … but shhhh, don’t tell anyone I said that. I could lose my Canadian citizenship status.

  9. I might have missed you early on but I am very happy to have found your blog. Happy anniversary. I look forward to following you through many more (anniversaries, not man crushes).

  10. Happy Blogiversary! WordPress just notified me that my one year blogiversary is tomorrow. I thought, Really?? I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for a year. I’m glad I found your site because it’s so much fun to read. 🙂 Great post about Joe Namath, by the way. I’ll be at my folks’ house watching the Super Bowl. It has been a tradition for years that my Dad and I watch the game together. I’m the only one of us three kids (I have two brothers) who’s into football. Go figure.

    • Wow, Lori, I can’t believe we started blogging at the same time. Congratulations to you, and I am happy we crossed paths as well. I have enjoyed following blogs of several novelists and each of you has similar, yet unique, experiences on your path to publishing. It takes a lot if patience and perseverence … And that’s once you’ve written your book!

      That is so great that you share football with your Dad. It was something I always enjoyed watching with him, and we still yak on the phone about the games. I hope this is a good game – should be interesting after ‘deflate-gate’ fiasco 💥

  11. I know it’s the SuperBowl this weekend – and even though baseball is not a big sport here in South Africa, I know of Joe Namath! – so, who’s your heart throb now?

    Happy blogging anni Sammy D! You’re an expert!

    • 😊 my heartthrob is my Hubby 💕

      I know our SuperBowl frenzy appears ludicrous to non-US, but it’s about so much more than football in many families. It was a way to stay connected to my Dad – watching games together – during my teen years when relationships with my parents were typically strained. Now football and golf give me something to talk about (besides their medical care) during our weekly phone calls.

      Thanks for being such an enthusiastic reader and friend, Susan. I sure wish we weren’t separated by so many miles!

  12. Happy Bloggoversary! Mine is 2 years today! 🙂

    • Yay ! Congratulations 😋 you’re the second blogger who commenced in the same end jan/begin Feb timeframe – must be the weather or the New Year shifts (or maybe we great minds just think alike!)

      So glad I found you. Originally I thought I’d track how I found bloggers through other bloggers – sort of like a family tree – but then it got too convoluted and, daresay almost incestuous, LOL

      One thing I LOVE about blogging relationships is how we take pleasure in each other’s excellent writing and go out of our way to introduce favorite blogs to our readers. A truly sharing rather than competitive relationship – it feels very authentic.

      • Yes, I love the community here, even if I’m mad about the stupid beep beep boop and whatnot!
        That second paragraph says it all. Not sure, but I think I found you via Dan or Fondly Elizabeth. I remember reading a pile of your posts, stalking and then succumbing! 😀

      • LOL lured to my web. I think I found you via Dan or Maggie. Just glad I did 🙂

  13. My crush-on-the-wall was Robert Redford and I had poster with his whole face in black & white except for his blue eyes. Ah, memories. Congratulations on a year of blogging!

    • Thank you!

      Robert Redford was definitely in a class by himself. Your poster must have been amazing with his blue eyes even more highlighted by the lack of other color.

      One of my friends (who lived in an alternate reality) actually succeeded in getting through his ‘gatekeepers’ to meet him. They corresponded for years – back when handwritten letters were the mode of communication 😏

  14. I loved reading about your crush – such sweet memories!

  15. Happy blogoversary, oh la la you started near the time of me too, and i cannot remember where we met, was it at 101 or A-Z? No it was before this lol, my mind plays tricks on me sometimes.

    I cannot really believe it has been a year either that is quite shocking. So glad to have met you and would love to in real sometime, I day perhaps xx

    • It would be so lovely to meet you in person, Justine. I’d let you take me for a nose ring or a (tiny) tattoo. Just enough ‘naughty’ to make me feel young and brash again 😋

      Either I met you through Lainey’s blog or I met Lainey through yours, but the details are fuzzy. No matter … You both are daily treats for me . 💕

  16. Omi a real crush. Met him in lalaland at a restaurant once in around ’74. Men were falling all over him (and not because it was Hollywood) but little did I know that somewhere there was a Sammy gurl who would’ve loved to be in my shoes.
    BTW, you can adjust settings on posts — may not work on an older post but will work from here on out. Look under settings of you want to change. Huggs.

  17. Enjoyed your “crushin'” post. While I’m not a football fan, I can certainly embrace a good case of teenage heartthrob. 🙂

  18. Happy Blogiversary!!! We must have started blogging at the same time, because I just had my one-year blogiversary as well! 🙂 Here’s to another great blogging year, Sammy!

  19. Congratulations, Sammy. And blessings to you as you begin year #2.

    With heart,

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