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I’m woefully behind in acknowledging a few awards I’ve received. I truly appreciate the purpose of these awards and the generous support from my fellow bloggers.

As I’ve written, I have mixed emotions about accepting awards because the work can be quite time-consuming, and sometimes the thought of answering certain questions causes me discomfort. I’m responding to a fun one today while not officially following its rules.


Joey at Joeyfullystated nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award. Thank you, Joey!

This was certainly an apt award for Joey to receive herself. I think of Joey as my RR&R blogging buddy (surprise, Joey). She Rants, Raves and Reveals – I never know what I’ll be reading when Joey scrolls into view, but I’m always entertained, educated and excited by her writing.

Ever think so much could be written about doors? Just see what Joey has to say.

According to the rules, I’m supposed to tell you five things about myself. I decided to focus on five creative things …

Hear the sound of that screeching halt?

I rarely think of myself as creative. Capricorns plod; we don’t create.

But here goes:

I was a child prodigy as a contemporary artist. Remember those springtime wriggly worms that so fascinated me? Mom tells me  when I was about three and she’d send me out to play, she’d look up and find me breaking off pieces of fresh earthworm and ‘painting’ on our front window. When a piece would dry, I’d just break off another and continue my masterpiece.

Look at that HUGE earthworm. I'm not gonna touch it. YOU touch it!

Look at that HUGE earthworm. I’m not gonna touch it. YOU touch it!

When I was a kid, Dad taught me to ‘laugh’ like a loon. I was good at it. Every time we passed a lake or a pond, my siblings would turn to me in the car and say, “C’mon Sammy. Laugh like a loon.”

Loon Laugher on the Right

Loon Laugher on the Right

When I was in the fourth grade, I won the $10 first prize at the American Legion Halloween costume contest dressed as a little old lady. Now I am a little old lady.

Not my Halloween costume, but OLD clothing!

Not my Halloween costume, but OLD clothing!

I owned and operated an Irish Pub with my first husband. Our pub offered Guinness Stout on tap and a menu of authentic Irish fare. Saint Patty’s Day – as you can imagine – was wild! As is so often the case, our restaurant venture was more successful than our marriage. I wonder how the Irish say “C’est la vie.”

Irish saying

Authentic Irish Patrons!

Authentic Irish Patrons!

I took my first dance class (jazz) at age 31 and performed onstage.


To a recording of Elvis singing Jailhouse Rock.

Hub proposed to me anyway.

In subsequent years, I took classes in ballet, African, modern and – most recently at age 62 – tap. I like jazz best and in my next life I will be performing in Cats during its Broadway run. When that happens, you’ll see a photo.

I’m pleased to pass this award to four bloggers whose creations I look forward to every week – rich offerings that enhance my life.

I do hope you’ll take a peek at their Creativity.

Katie is in the midst of art journaling for International Fake Journal Month, and she has chosen to travel to Italy. Her daily posts are so whimsical and delicious, I’m tempted to try this challenge next year.

Elen is participating in the A-to-Z Challenge for her first time, and her F made me laugh out loud

Raye’s paintings make me green with envy (even when I mistake her figs for eggplant). As if that skill wasn’t enough, her writing stops me in my tracks.

I discovered Sand, Salt, Moon a few weeks ago. She’s picked up a long-lost watercolor practice … paint me green with envy. Again.

Remember, there’s NO pressure with these awards. In case you like rules, here they are:

 The Rules

  • Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
  • Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
  • Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
  • Pass these rules on to them

Comments on: "Getting Creative With Creative Blogger Award" (41)

  1. Fun to learn these things about you! As for the earthworm painting, well, I’ll just have to assume you eventually moved on to crayons and paints. 😉

  2. I owned and operated an Irish Pub

    Whoa! There is nothing so fine as a good pub.

  3. Awesome!
    Great new things to know about you. (Except maybe the earthworm thing. How sad. For the earthworms.)
    I wish I could have gone to your Irish pub. I wish we had an Irish pub within walking distance…maybe you could open one here? 😛 lol
    I like that you’ve got a life full of trying new things, but I think I’ve told you that halfa dozen times!
    Have a great weekend! 😀

    • What?!? You and Moo aren’t going to try Window Worm Art???

      Thanks, Joey. I write about trying new things to hold myself accountable for making these otherwise aging, somewhat painful years worth something. It is sometimes tempting to give into ‘poor me’ ailments and I don’t want to be that person.

  4. Owned an Irish Pub – color me jealous (unless you’re going to color me with a piece of earthworm – creative, but eew). It’s probably not the image you want me to have, but the only dancing I can see when I think of Jailhouse Rock is the long scene of credits at the end of The Blues Brothers – sorry 🙂

    • LOL Two of my jazz teachers performed a dance routine as the Blues Brothers!! We danced to such great songs during those years. Besides biking, jazz class was definitely my all-time favorite physical activity.

      The pub was … Interesting years. Fun, hard work, stellar crew, super clientele, mostly good memories. Sometimes I still can’t believe we pulled it off, and we couldn’t have without some generous mentors and high quality food and beverage vendors.

      Thanks for being one of my steady readers, Dan. Means a lot to me.

  5. I’m still stuck on earthworms. Eew as Dan said, EEEW. Mitchell saves them on our Spring walks. I’ve known very creative Capricorns. Painting a picture always floors people as “the” creative thang, but I have more respect for some other types of creativity. The bility to tell a good yarn, as you and Dan can do. Thank you for the award. Where is my trophy?

    • Seriously? You know I could blast you with trophy emoticons, right ?!?

      Thanks for your compliment on creativity. You are right -it manifests in many forms.

      Thanks for all your support, Katie.

  6. cardamone5 said:

    My mother-in-law used to paint with earthworms too. Irish pub? Awesome! Somehow, I knew you were a dancer (maybe because you shared this in a previous post?) You just seem light on your toes and graceful.


    • Did she paint with them on windows or paper?

      I used to be light in my toes (thank you) but my broken parts now burden. Nevertheless I’m thankful for all the great fun I had in my classes and the ways I learned to move and use my body.

  7. Love it! Great tidbits to share about yourself! Enjoyed tuning in and learning… as always!

  8. What a great post! I loved the comment “in my next life I will be performing in Cats during its Broadway run”. I’ll be there in the audience cheering 🙂

  9. We should probably arrange right now to know each other in your next life whether you are on stage performing CATS or not. Thank you, Sammy, for the award which I do appreciate and which, as is my usual…I’m not even going to pretend to acknowledge because it means I have to “follow some award-based rules”…which for me is akin to following that yellow brick road into the deep recesses of empty space whilst also trying to navigate not only my computer but my mind as well. Did I cover all the bases and still not denigrate the honour of being nominated by you, Your Lovely Self? I hope so. I’ve looked at posts by Katie, Elen and Salt, Sand and Moon and GOOD GRIEF GIRL you’ve put me into some highly desirable company. I think we should find the nearest pub between distances of all of us (add mileage and divide by five). We should be able to find something suitable…perhaps not Irish…unless and of course we just hang up the cost and all head to Ireland!!!! Let’s vote……xoxoxoxR

    • Great comment, Raye😆 you covered all the bases. I vote Ireland although – not for nothin’ but Katie (when she’s not fake journal-jet-setting off to Italy) is also based in Portland and I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting that fabulous city (where I hear a funky hat is de rigeur). Of course we introverts love to talk about getting together and, in our minds we do often, but then there’s reality. I will say, though, if I ever recover from this chronic pain, i’m much more adventurous about travel and socializing 💞

  10. One day, I’m sure, I will be able to see a real Irish Pub myself. Until then, I totally enjoyed your post, thanks.

  11. What a great post. I love the little stories you told about yourself! I think you must talk more about this Laugh Like A Loon. I’m truly honored to be nominated by you, Sammy, and that you enjoy my little bloggity bits makes me smile. Thank you for your support. And when A to Z is over, I will address this award in the proper manner. Thank you!

    • 😋 i look forward to 5 facts about Elen. In the meantime I’m enjoying being along for the ride on your A to Z travels!

  12. Laughing like a loon isn’t easy. I never could get it right. 🙂 (I loved watching them, though. They can fly fine, and they’re okay at take-offs, but landing… Not so much. I think loons ‘laugh’ because seeing another loon face-plant into the water is funny.)

    • 😋 never thought about their ‘hard landings’! You must be a Midwesterner if you know loons that well.

      Thanks for stopping by. i hope your enjoying your A to Z project and meeting some new blogging buddies!

  13. That was fun reading your creative facts! The thing with the earthworms was just… ick. But definitely creative. I can honestly say I’ve never heard of anyone doing that before. I visited an Irish pub once when my mom and I took a tour of Ireland many years ago. I loved listening to the people talk. I could listen to an Irish or Scottish accent all day.

  14. Congrats on the award!!
    That’s so cool that you ran an Irish Pub! I love pubs, and I love the fact that every city in the world has an Irish Pub – and they’re always cosy and fun.

    • Thanks, Celine !! Ironically I don’t drink beer !! It wreaks havic in my digestive tract.

      • I don’t either really – I can only have a few sips and then it gets too heavy for me. Although for some reason Asian beer is better, Japanese beer in particular is much easier to drink. No idea why…

  15. Congrats to your deserving self!! Did you hear the rumor? Cats is supposed to be coming back to Broadway–just in time for your talented self! I too took dance as an adult. Spandex, Gloria Estefan, a bra: yes, I actually performed on stage. However, my legs do this weird thing on stage: they chatter mercilessly. So I had to “run through” the dance more than I actually danced.

    • LOL we’ll make a pair when Cats returns, won’t we?!? They’ll have to cast two Griseldas and we’ll sing Memories as a duet 😉.

      Email me when you get a chance and let me know how parents and you are faring. I send you good thoughts every day 💞

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