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Love-Hate Challenge

Joey tagged me in the Love-Hate Challenge (Thanks, Joey!) and that’s a challenge I can’t resist: 10 Things I Love; 10 Things I Hate; 10 Blogging Buddies to invite to the Challenge

I love:

  • The powdery smell of newborn babies
  • My country’s flag snapping in our stiff breeze
  • Ice cold Bombay gin & tonic after a hot afternoon of golf
  • My bright pink earplugs for cones of silence
  • Sticky rice with steamed brussel sprouts, olive oil and poppy seeds
  • Falling asleep in Hub’s arms
  • Wiggling my toes in soft sand
  • Farting with Sparks and Raqi and blaming the dogs (“Briar! Stella!”)
  • Dark nights, full moons, shooting stars, constellations
  • Playing Oh Hell with Dad and the J’s

I hate:

  • Incessantly barking dogs 
  • The taste of rhubarb
  • Being wrong (this rarely happens …)
  • Gossip
  • Clowns and mimes
  • Hypocrisy
  • Robocalls
  • Drivers who tailgate
  • Fake scent products
  • People who don’t pick up pet poop

  I’m passing this challenge on to:











Have fun!        

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  1. You’re passing the challenge on to me! I must give this some careful thought 😉

    hmmm – a G&T after a game of golf does sound rather civilized.

    • I don’t know why but for a moment I feel ‘veddy’ British while I’m mixing or ordering my G&T. 🇬🇧🇨🇦🇺🇸

  2. oooh, can I come hide out with you? The robocalls have started – ramping up toward a federal election this October. I’ll even take that rhubarb off your hands and help with the farting dogs!

    • Ooh I feel your robocall pain. At least with caller ID I know not to answer, but the constant ring is annoying.

      Come hang out !!

  3. Oh yes, the powdery smell of newborns–absolutely intoxicating. If I had a dollar for every time I sniffed my babies’ heads…

    Thanks for the pass-off to me! I’m not always so good about these things, but it’s always nice to be thought of. 🙂

  4. Well, you know that one of my hates will be guilt tipping! I will put some thought into the nine others (and, of course ten loves) and get back to you! Thanks for the pass-off!

  5. Thanks for playing! I looooove gossip! My goodness, I love finding out some juicy secret about someone I don’t like! Did you know that Bob was married TWICE before he married Suzy?!? I like him even less now. The Mister agrees. We’re not much on spreading gossip, but oh we love to hear it. I may blog about it.
    I’m going to try your brussel sprout concoction, how much olive oil would you say? just a drizzle?
    Mimes and clowns, huh? Interesting.
    Can’t drink gin. Terrible headaches. Loved some lemonade gin concoction an old beau used to make for me. Drank them all summer. Headaches all summer. lol I was so young and stupid 😛
    Great lists! Very exacting!

    • Drizzle or drown with the olive oil – your choice 😘

      Sorry you can’t sip gin with me but heAdaches aren’t worth it.

      Blog about gossip; I want to see what you have to say!!

  6. Sammy D., fun challenge. Love your 10 things! Know more about you. How about baked “sprouts” with garlic & olive oil over sticky rice? Happy Sunday! Christine

    • Sadly I like garlic but it’s not fond of me!!

      I wanted to list you on the Challenge but wasn’t sure you’re doing any blogging right now 😋. I’ve got some awards to respond to … Do you want another ? 💞😊. I always love how you respond to them. I’ll name you; you can decide if you want to respond.

      • Sammy D., you are so sweet thinking of me for the Challenge. I’m blogging sporadically and have another Love Challenge & a Liebster Award on the list to work up. Plus the recent NYC vacation post. I’m editing a screenplay for a screenwriter, and it’s everyday work, but so much fun. I’d love to do the Challenge if I wasn’t so behind. Thanks so much.! Huge hugs! Christine

      • Whew. That makes me tired just reading it 😊 You’re living !!

  7. Oh, you bugger! Guess I’ll have to accept! It’s funny because Amy over at The Bumble Files just did her list and didn’t tag anyone and I thought maybe I’ll do my list too and here you are challenging me! Guess I’ll take that as a “yes, I’ll do it!”
    Hmmm… Do I do it before or after my Gratitude post?

  8. Been off on our first almost spontaneous new retirement disappearance. Road trip to visit elderly relatives. The weather decided to heat up and fry us……I hate hot! The good side….we’re home and it is supposed to go to 107 and more starting tomorrow where we were at. Always good to be home. Babies are the bomb!

    • Yeah but it’s a DRY heat LOL Like that matters when triple digits are suzzling. Hope you saw some cactus blooms, Linda. Nice you git to visit relatives, and I like the sound of that R(etirement) word 😉

  9. oooh, love these lists! I always love to read these snippets. I’m with you on the clown thing, and while I don’t hate Mimes I do kind of want to push them over!! How terrible, lol and I’m definitely trying the sticky rice with sprouts x

  10. […] D at Bemuzin tagged me in the 10 Things I Love and Hate Challenge and I decided this was something I could easily […]

  11. Oh this is SUCH a fun challenge! Thank you for tagging me!!
    The fart one with the kids made me laugh – my dog farts all the time, really loudly too. She’d make a great fart-blamer 😉
    And I’m so with you on the gin and tonic — not after a round of golf for me since I don’t play, but generally!

    And as a dog owner, I get really annoyed with other people who don’t pick up poo — gives us all a bad name. France is really bad for that. That said it’s much better than before — there used to be dog poo all over the place, and now less but still. It’s so gross!!!

    • I remember seeing so much poo in Lausanne Switzerland decades ago and being appalled at its seeming acceptance in piles on the sidewalks. Owners here get just as lazy if no one is out to see them. It is gross!!!

      • No poo-picker-uppers should be lumped with the noisy people we discussed the other day as being terrible, because they are. Stepping in dog poo is just as unpleasant as noise for me. Gross!!

  12. You named so many things I feel the same way about, both pros and cons, but I’ll have to think about the taste of rhubarb a while longer. Don’t remember last I’ve had rhubarb. 🙂

  13. What a fun list, Sammy.

    With heart,

  14. Sammy, those are some great ones! Of course, the rhubarb one REALLY got me. I have such an aversion to the stringy stuff. My grandmother used to stew it and feed it to us and everybody loved it but me. They would make me “try” it and I would throw it back up :).

    • You nailed it – it’s that stewed stringy stuff and the LOADS of added sugar to make it palatable. The only way I ate it willingly was brand new (non-tough) stalks broken off in the rhubarb patch and eaten right then and there!! Sort of like a Sour Celery 😋

      • Ugh, I feel sick . . . . Is that a German recipe, i wonder? Or Midwestern?

      • Good question! My ancestry on Dad’s side is German or Austrian (no one’s done the research !), but I don’t know about rhubarb recipes coming over on the boat. It dies seem like the dessert version if sauer kraut 😂

      • I’m of 2 minds about that comment. First off, I laughed my head off at the thought of rhubarb being the dessert version of sauerkraut. But then I don’t like to see sauerkraut maligned. Ever had it cooked with paprika, sugar, and carraway seeds? YUM. Not at all like rhubarb (hack hack). I’m honestly not sure if rhubarb is meant for human consumption. It might be like grass or ragweed or something.

      • Just to be a devil’s advocate… I LOVE rhubarb! Use it in both savoury and sweet dishes… just sayin’

      • No. Just no.

      • No no no no. Wrong!!! I’m so sorry for you, Dale ;)!

      • Ha ha!!!

      • I do like sauer kraut occasionally and your version sounds yum.

        Now that you mention it, I think rhubarb IS in the ragweed or another of the allergy families.

      • Hmm, I wouldn’t doubt it at all. And I have a 5 star ragweed allergy.

      • Well there ya go. My stepson has awful allergies and he has an aversion to watermelon and cantaloupe. I’m pretty sure there’s a connection with those too.

      • There is this thing called oral allergies that I have. When a certain pollen is in season that I’m allergic to, foods that are related to that plant make my mouth all weird.

      • Ugh! Sorry you suffer that malady.

        You and I keep discovering more in common. My whole digestive tract – starting with painful mouth lesions (way beyond normal cankers) can erupt during allergy season (now) or other high stress events. It’s one of the many reasons I have trouble committing to social engagements or phone conversations. I never know how I will feel ‘next Thursday at 6pm’.

      • Wow! Did you look up oral allergy syndrome? Is it related to that? I was reading how it can affect the GI system, which is something I hadn’t realized. Makes sense now why I’ve had problems for the past 2 weeks as the allergies have been BAD here lately.

      • No, I’ve never heard of that but I will look it up and it makes sense. I think our hormonal, digestive and immune systems are far more intricately intertwined than the medical community understands or acknowledges. I am living testament to the havoc that a conspiracy of hormones, allergies and stress wreak on women. EVERYTHING in that realm has improved since menopause with no other plausible explanation than a reduction in estrogen.

        I still get flareups but nowhere near the frequency or regularity since I made it through the ‘reproductive’ years.

      • And it was my German grandmother who made the rhubarb btw.

  15. […] didn’t tag anyone, I was thinking that maybe I’d play along.  Well!  Sammy over at Bemuzin took it a step further and DID tag me!  What’s a girl to do when the Universe conspires?  […]

  16. […] Sammy tagged me in a fun challenge: to list out ten things I love, ten things I hate and ten blogging buddies I’d like to involve in the challenge. How could I refuse? […]

  17. I enjoyed reading your loves and hates, Sammy. I agree with all your hates except for the clowns and mimes. I don’t mind them.

    • Oh Lori, I should have put you on my list. I knew I was leaving off some names and I hate when that happens! (Speaking of love/hate).

      I don’t know what it is about clowns – maybe it’s any face That is masked because I don’t even care fir moustaches and beards because they cover up faces!!

      • Celine Jean Jean just tagged me for it, so you got me in a roundabout way. 🙂
        That’s funny about clowns. So many people don’t like them. I can see how they could be creepy. I try to stay away from the creepy versions. I don’t like horror.

      • All right 💥. Can’t wait to see your list 😎

  18. Hmmm…somehow missed this until Celine tagged me too! I would do anything for you two 🙂

    • Aww you’re so sweet 💖 you’ll love making your love list and cringe at having to think about using ‘hate’ just like the rest of us!!

  19. And P.S. that sticky-rice-brussels sprout thing sounds amazing. Is there a recipe or do you just “create” it?

    • No, it was a ‘create’ born of necessity years ago when I had to alter my diet to eating only white rice and things I’d never eaten. Long story. But I eventually healed and found many new foods in the process 😊

  20. […] usually terrible with these sorts of things, but I cannot refuse anything to  Sammy and Celine   because they are both such wonderful […]

  21. Fake scent products – yes!!!! Enjoyed my look around your blog 🙂

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