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A door is defined as “a hinged, sliding or revolving barrier at the entrance to a building, room or vehicle or in the framework of a cupboard. “

Unmistakeably manmade.

And yet, the synonyms for door include “portal, opening, entrance and exit.”

 The synonyms for portal include “gateway”. Furthermore, portal also means a metaphorical opening to another world.

Can you hear me sighing with relief? I probably would have stretched the definition of door anyway in order to participate in Norm’s Thursday Doors. But I like it when I can ‘do it my way’ while still complying with rules.

Similar to Joey’s lament last week about her lack of interesting local doors, I don’t find nearby compelling manmade doors, not least because I’m not wandering urban settings while temperatures blaze in the 90s.

Hence, with Norm’s permission, I’m making a metaphorical leap from doors to portals, openings and gateways which abound in nature and draw me in with their promise of ‘more’ on the other side.

I snapped the following photos while walking the Teller Farm Trail east of Boulder – an open space easement through a working farm. Can anyone claim this easement isn’t an opening to God’s country?


On the Front Range (east of the foothills and Rocky Mountains), we have many such plains trails where openings like this one between trees frame one of nature’s enticing portals.


Even though I know the other side will likely be no different than where I stand, I am compelled to walk through if for no other reason than the ethereal sensation ‘passing through’ provides.


Note how overhead clouds make shadows on the mountainsides.

Because it’s a farm, we see portals like this.


It’s actually a weathered wooden ramp to load cattle into a truck to transport them ‘to their destiny’, most likely a feedlot on the eastern side of the state. The truck backs up to the opening and cattle are prodded into the truck bed. When you look from the side, you can make out a little of the ramp structure (missing its floorboard) that cattle reluctantly plod up, not unlike walking the plank!


Because it’s an easement, and cattle are docile creatures (unless provoked, rutting, or you come between Mama and calves), our hike gives us an up close and personal look at local grazers.


Is he hiking or snacking?


This photo below reminds me of Uncle Louie’s farm in Michigan.


 Thank you, Norm!

Comments on: "Doors, Portals and Gateways, Oh My!" (43)

  1. Love this! Great photos. I’m a big fan of nature’s portals. I’m always looking in my photo travels for the clearing, the mysterious pathway, the winding way between the trees. Very nice.

  2. You’ve given us beautiful examples of nature’s doors. Doors that are open for anyone who takes the time to notice them. Time well spent, for sure!

  3. I couldn’t agree more about your definition of doors. I’m sure Norm was thrilled to include natural portals and cattle ramps, because I certainly enjoy viewing them.
    “I am compelled to walk through if for no other reason than the ethereal sensation ‘passing through’ provides.” Yes, I agree.
    Your scenery is stunning. God’s country indeed.

    • Thank you, Joey. I do hope Norm and the other participants are ok with an expanded definition. I will eventually find manmade doors worth using!

  4. I love these Doors Sammy! Portals, gateways, openings to a better world or a better slice of our world or, as a friend of mine would say of some of your photos, “a slice of Heaven” in our world. Great collections of doors. Thanks for sharing these!

  5. Carol Ferenc said:

    Isn’t it amazing what nature offers us when we take the time to look? Great photos, Sammy!

  6. cardamone5 said:

    Beautiful, and creative take.


  7. Nice “eye,” you crazy rebel…

  8. At least from a cow point of view, I’d be a little annoyed. “You guys get the ‘Pearly Gate’ and we get THAT! Hey, check your human privilege!!” [snarf]

    Seriously, like the bus says, Nice ‘eye’.

  9. Heavenly portals! I love your interpretation (and love to go on that walk!)

  10. Sammy, as a hiker travelling through some of the most spectacular countryside in Ontario, I totally agree with your concept of portals and gateways … passages through crops of trees, rocks, and even stiles from one pasture to another. Just because there is no manmade ceiling, doesn’t make it less of a doorway 🙂

    … and that cow in the 3rd last photo looks just a wee bit cross. After all, what lady likes to be caught in the middle of a mouthful of food? 😉

    • LOL Too funny – I first encountered ‘cows on a trail’ on the coastal highway near Big Sur, CA. It took minutes of convincing me how ‘dumb’ they are, but I lived to tell about my encounter.

      What I loved about this cow was the beautiful deep caramel color of her skin. I really wanted to brush her!

      • She really is a pretty colour.

        I have a new respect for cows after being chased by a herd of cows when we got lost hiking once. In case you might be interested in reading about it

      • Oh my, what a trip that was. Your comments about each if us having varied stress thresholds is so true, and I can think of ‘adventures’ when I should have discussed that ahead of time with a companion or spouse!

        I also read Hokey Pokey ‘cuz … who can resist the Hokey Pokey? Great photos in that one too 😀

      • Glad you enjoyed it 🙂
        I still get teased a lot about cows, but as someone pointed out … cows are large, unpredictable and not very smart – a potentially lethal combination. That was my feeling exactly!!

  11. Beautiful pictures, I must confess to being slightly envious of your landscape 😉

    • I think it’s quite bare compared to lush UK but the beauty is in its desert flora and fauna( not to mention our ‘forever reach’ of blue sky). Thanks, Lainey 💖

      • Funny isn’t it, I love our scenery but it does seem a squashed in. Me and my hubby dream of your big sky and mountains ❤

  12. Sammy, I love the way your creative mind works. These are great. I’ve been taking photos of doors for a few years, but I never have put them together on the computer. They are lost in the swamp of photos, unfortunately.

  13. This had me chuckling. Congrats on the very original (re-)definition of Doors 😀
    Creative minds are always welcome. Thanks for playing along again this.

  14. What a marvellous interpretation you rebel, you. I wouldn’t expect anything less. I could do with a smaller version of that cattle portal to ease a recalcitrant bunny back into his hutch. Clip the lead onto his harness, daughter says, then you can catch him. She neglected to add he hates the harness and fights aggressively when I grab hold of the lead. Oh, well, day one of pet-sitting and I only have one scratch on my hand. It could have been worse.

    • 😀 a rebel who thinks people should follow the rules (except when I don’t).

      Hey those bunnies can be viscious ! Sounds like your daughter pulled a fast one on you! Can’t OH video your wrestling for us? ( for instructive purposes only; not so we can laugh ourselves silly at Jude ‘n the Rabbit)

      • Hah! I won’t bother coming to you for sympathy again… actually OH wisely stayed at home, otherwise it wouldn’t be such a problem. I need another person to round him up! He’s restricted to the run from now on.

  15. Lovely photos! They make me want to take a walk. Reminds me of when I roamed the pastures and woods in my younger days on the farm. Now I really want to take a walk. 🙂

  16. Your photos make everything look so magical 🙂

  17. I love this interpretation of “doors.” I wish I had scenery like that to enjoy on my walks… it would encourage me to get out more.

    • How can it not be nice scenery where you are? San Diego, right? No nature walks or trails??

      • Well, we do have the ocean and I have quite a nice view of that, but the tranquility in your pictures is missing in the city. Yes, there are nature hikes that are not too far away but, as you have probably heard, it’s a little dry around here. I just loved all the green in your pics!

      • Oh yeah, that! What a terrible plight for so many who are affected economically from the drought. How ironic to have the ocean at your feet and want for (unsalted) water. All the more reason abbey decried development in the West as ling agonas the mid-1950s.

        I was completely fine with our extended rainy season this summer. It certainly changed and delayed outdoor fun, yet we saw greenery and growth that hasn’t occurred here in years.

        Maybe next year will be your turn.

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