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Our emails went something like this:

“Wouldn’t it be fun to meet each other? I don’t mind driving to Denver, and I enjoy the DAM (Denver Art Museum). What do you think?”

 “Sure! I have a DAM membership and would love to meet you there. (I hoped you would ask!)”

 “How about Saturday, August 8th at 11:30? Perhaps you can choose a nearby restaurant for lunch, then we can visit DAM. I have an idea for a little surprise when we meet!”

 “Surprise? I love surprises (when I’m warned ahead of time that a surprise is coming.) DAM has a nice white-table-cloth restaurant on the premises called Palettes. Should we meet there?”

 “Perfect! I’ll meet you at Palettes at 11:30 on the 8th. I thought we could each bring a tangle tile on which we’ve drawn the strings (tangle boundaries). We can exchange the tiles, tangle them and publish them with posts about our outing.”

 “Terrific idea! I look forward to seeing you on the 8th!”

In Bloom

 Kelli, my Forty, C’est Fantastique blogging friend, and I met online during the 2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge. Finally meeting her in person was worth the wait, and our afternoon at DAM is among my 2015 favorite memories.

Before ordering lunch, we conversed about our appreciation for Damyanti and our late, beloved Tina Downey who were our Challenge mentors. Tina passed away on August 23, 2014 and both Kelli and I were saddened at losing a friend we’d only recently met.

We both smiled as Kelli motioned to an empty chair and said, “I wish Celine was here, too.” If you follow Celine, you need no explanation as to why we both enjoy her bright spirit.

There are some people you inexplicably take a shine to. Kelli has been like that for me online. She surprises me with her occasional musical talents (her dulcimer playing is in my top 5 favorite blogger posts), and she exudes grace and lightness in her poetry and essays. Perhaps part of it is the magic of reading her bi-lingual English/French which lifts me up.

Kelli might chuckle at that ‘grace‘ comment because she had both stitches and burn episodes recently in her kitchen.

Being with Kelli felt like becoming re-acquainted with an old friend. I am grateful to you, Kelli. You are just as charming in person as you are on your blog.


DAM’s featured exhibit, In Bloom: Flowers in the Age of Impressionism, was a veritable treasure trove of brilliantly colored bouquets: Manet, Renoir, Degas, Cezanne and Van Gogh were among the artists whose works graced the walls. Truth be told, the walls could have been hung with art from pre-schoolers and I would have enjoyed it, simply because I was sharing it with Kelli.

Thankfully, Kelli remembered – before we parted – that we needed to exchange our tiles. I forgot to take a ‘before’ photo so you could see Kelli’s strings, but I did ‘tangle between her strings’. I enjoyed completing this, using two favorite background patterns and three new-to-me patterns that – with enough imagination – could be a curling stem holding onto remnants of fading petals and a large seed pod.

Kelli Tile

A few days after I finished my tangle, I saw this odd cloud formation overhead, which reminded me of the pod pattern (that tangle name escapes me!).


As I tangled my tile and reminisced about those vibrant impressionist blooms, an idea jelled for a mobile art project, using some of my botanical postcards and found objects. Here is the beginning … it it turns out well, I’ll post the process and results.

Cavallini Paper: Carte Postale

Cavallini Paper: Carte Postale

In Progress: Tangling backside of postcard

In Progress: Tangling backside of postcard

In the meantime Kelli and I are planning a second outing for a slow September stroll at Denver’s Botanical Gardens. No doubt a tangle or two will be part of our fun.


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  1. […] tiles that Sammy began and I “filled in” and you can either click that picture or click here for her “mutual post” where she has filled in the tile that I began for her! I had so […]

  2. Always nice to meet up with a fellow blogger in person and it sounds as though you two had a Great Day Out 😀 Love the tangles too. Have a good weekend.Sun is shining today and I am going to escape to a garden. Just hope the ankle behaves…
    Jude xx

  3. Aww, Sammy, you are so sweet! I love your tangle, and how cool is it that we both chose that “cloud-looking” tangle, (sorry, I can’t remember the name either!) I love that you went all the way to every edge! I really like your “carte postale” too. Fantastic idea 🙂 This was so much fun, and I am really looking forward to our Botanical Gardens outing 🙂

    • LOL what’re the chances out of all those tangles we’d both pick the cloud pattern. It’s easy to find the pattern online if you remember the name; not so easy to know the tangle and seek the name. I’m quite negligent at recording names in my tangle journals but even if I did, it’s an index of shapes I need. (Another project!)

      Thanks, Kelli, for this wonderful tangle suggestion and a fun day. I look forward to your September Slow tourism project. 💖

      • I think it’s wonderful that we picked the same one 🙂 I think I have it written down at home somewhere so if I find the name of it I’ll send it to you! I wish I were organized enough to really keep a list of all the ones I use but I’m not 😉 Merci mille fois, ma chère Sammy ❤

      • A bien tot 💖

  4. What a wonderful meet-up. I’m glad you both chose to share it, and the outcome, with us.

  5. You had all the elements of a perfect blog-meet … great company, an inspirational outing, and – how clever! – an artistic give-away to each other to build on!

    • Well I smiled broadly at your ‘blog-meet’ post last week, thinking ‘hey, Kelli and I did that!” It was fun to know these kinds of relationships are growing around the world.

      • What I love about it is that these wonderful relationships can be developed without ever meeting. Getting face-to-face time is just icing on the cake 🙂

        I know so many other people have said it in a thousand different ways, but blogging has been a beautifully unexpected experience.

  6. Meeting blogging friends is such a joy. They are either so not-what-you-expected or immediately feel like family.

    • That is true, Greg. Even trying to be authentic, we present but a small part of ourselves through blogging, and might show more facets in person. On the other hand, I’m positive most of the people I’ve known for years in person (of whom only 3-4 might read my blog) don’t know the part of me I share on my blog.

      I’ve thought about that as a topic – do we present the same self regardless of circunstances or do we compartmentalize aspects of ourselves in order to fit in, or for privacy or protection?

      Being authentic isn’t as straightforward as I like to believe!

      • I agree entirely, in many ways we are who we are with. This is especially true among young people.

      • Or perhaps those like me who rarely feel I ‘fit’ thus try to accomodate in ways that aren’t really me. I don’t know if that’s introversion or loner, but I am definitely both. It’s a relief to be this age, figure that out and be happy in my solitude boosted by the occasional day with a friend, and my generous blogging community .

    • Jealous I am! So far my favorite blogger friends are flung everywhere, from Dublin to Australia to Florida to Canada and of course, you and Dan.

  7. How lovely that you had the opportunity to meet an online friend in person, and that you had such a lovely time. How fun!

  8. Ha Ha, you sound just like me – I can be spontaneous if you give me some warning!! So excited you got to meet up, it sounded like you had a lovely time. As ever I love your tangling and CANNOT wait to see the mobile project when finished ❤

    • Thank you 😊 hub and I always joke about planning to be spontaneous. LOL

      I knew you’d be the one enthusiastic about my mobile. No one mails pretty cards or letters anymore, and I have these beautiful postcards. Now I just thought of another way I can use them. You are always a great inspiration, Lainey 💞

  9. One of the benefits of blogging that had never crossed my mind when I started, was the meeting of so many new friends. When it happens in person it is a gift. So glad to hear you had a warm and wonderful meeting. Love the tangles too.

    • Thank you, Sue. I have no doubt I’d enjoy meeting many of my blog buddies and conversation would be quite eclectic and heartwarming.

  10. “I love surprises (when I’m warned ahead of time that a surprise is coming.)”–Ha, yes, isn’t that the case for introverts? In fact, I’ve joked to my husband that a surprise birthday party would be grounds for divorce. Safe to say he’s never thrown one for me. 😉

    Sounds like you guys had a great time. How nice you were able to meet up.

  11. Thanks for the journey. From Ontario, I haven’t had much opportunity to travel west in the US but did make it Denver and Border a few years ago for a conference. One of my fond memories is of the DAM. Besides the wonder of the art within I had a blast in the ladies washroom making the taps sing. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, the taps all strike a chord when you put your hands under them. If you move quickly from one tap to another you can begin a symphony.

    • Wasn’t that hilarious, Peggy – the musical flushes in the ladies’ room. What’s even funnier, I had recently published two ‘potty’ themed posts, which I think got more comments than anything else I’ve written!

      Of course the first thing Kelli and I did was head for the ladies room, not knowing we’d be serenaded!

      Thanks for adding your comment; I’m happy to meet another blog buddy from Canada. You all are the best!

  12. Carol Ferenc said:

    How wonderful that you were able to meet up with a blogging buddy. It sounds like it’s the beginning of a solid friendship.

  13. cardamone5 said:

    Love it, Mom. Hooking up with new friends, and being creative: my two favorite pasttimes (how I wish we lived closer!)


  14. What a lovely opportunity for you and your blogging buddy, made even more so in that you share a passion for tangling (does it take two to tangle?). I popped over to Kelli’s blog and was treated to another telling of your meet-up (plus a nice picture of you!).

  15. I’m so glad that you and Kelly were able to form this friendship over blogging and finally meet. What a wonderful day and wonderful future as friends.

  16. That’s a great cloud array you saw and photographed. I wish you could’ve sent it down to Austin for me to play with.

    • We’ve had more unusual cloud formations and combinations this year than ever, as has much of the country!

      Right now we have hideous smoggy days from the California and Washington fires – can barely see the mountains, and air quality is awful. I can’t imagine how those in the fire zone cope with their disaster.

  17. Sammy, your art is so beautiful. Are you on Pinterest? And how fun to meet up with a blogger buddy in person. Please visit Phoenix!

  18. How absolutely wonderful meeting someone you felt you already knew, but now meeting them in person. I only met a couple of writers I’ve known though online writing groups in person, and they were just I had imagined them to be, amazing people. If you think about it, you and I are not too far from one another — CA and CO. Maybe one day!? 🙂

  19. Sammy, earlier this year I met two blogging friends when the came to my hometown as part of a cruise. it was an unforgettable experience – like old, old friends picking up from where the left off. It was a day packed with talking and laughing. How wonderful that you and Kelli have planned a slow September stroll together. Looking forward to seeing how the mobiles turn out, too.

    • That is wonderful, Jill, that you were able to share true face time with good friends ( and we are a community of good friends). Hub and I will eventually land on Kiwi shores for a visit – just not sure which year 😀

  20. What a wonderful post Sammy, I remember reading this a week or so ago and I remember feeling a pang of some sorts, thinking how special to meet up with someone you already felt that you both knew each other ….
    I loved your tangles thank you for sharing them …

    • Thank you, Susan. The special connections of blogging relationships carry over when we meet, i would hope in most circumstances. I now have friends like you all over the world I imagine meeting one day.

  21. How lovely to be able to meet and have such a wonderful time! And the artwork in the museum sounds amazing. Reading your post made me smile.
    I always find your tangles beautiful and interesting. Please don’t be insulted, but I have to say the tangle above made me think of a picnic table cloth with hot dogs, a sub sandwich, a croissant, chips, and mushrooms. Must be because it’s lunch time… 🙂

    • Lori, that’s hilarious. I never know what these will look like, or even which side is “up” until I’m done. I love your take on it. Art is always ‘eye of the (hungry) beholder’.

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